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Tableland Killings: Ceo Buhari Says Its Unfair To Accuse Him For Herdsmen Killings

Buhari has florid vast critique on public print of angry Nigerians for his perceivable silent above the abuse, that lot trust is creature transferred out by bovine herders of the Fulani tribal. They are irate at the family member easy at that the herdsmen often assault sensitive communities through the nation’s center area. Lot say […]

Malawi Albinos: Six Human Beings To Stay In 2019 Elections To Struggle Stigmatisation

Malawi’s albinos are more than utilized to residing in the shadows as they terror creature stolen for ritualistic killings. No much longer substance to stay quiet, six human beings in albinism now say they will vie for seats at parliament and regional levels in May following year. He added: “We requirement the appearance in by […]

BET 2018: Davido Wins Top World Act Confer

As he selected up his prize, an agitated Davido forced the auditorium to go to Africa and cooperate in African artists. “I’m expressive you folks, year’all go to Africa, eat the meal, carry the clothing.” the ecstatic artist, whose traffic involve ‘when’ and ‘Fia,’ told. “My mainland has been so blissful to impact some cultures. […]

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