Nigerian Celebrities See Amazing At Oceans 8 Met Gala Themed Opening In Lagos

Nigerian Celebrities See Amazing At Oceans 8 Met Gala Themed Opening In Lagos

The stars rotated out in strength at the Filmhouse IMAX Movie to commemorate one of the largest expected Hollywood movies of the year in a Met Gala themed occasion — a nod to the movie’s robbery story wherever an all-female team try to rob gem precious stones at New York Town’s annual Met Gala.

Guests were complimentary to gown in their own explanation of any of the history Met Gala subjects such a as “celestial Bodies: Vogue and the Roman catholic Imaginative,” “Manus x Machina: Vogue in an Age of Technique,” “China: Via the Looking Window,” and lot other of the history two many decades the fundraiser occasion has been fleeing.

The trendy, or, at times, overseas outfits at the Lagos opening had fans take to public print to discussion that celeb won in the styling stakes.

The organizers told host the Sea’s 8 Opening in Lagos was not fair on upcoming to see a cinema, but as well “a festivity of female who surpass in their fields.”

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