NYC Chopper Business Had 3 Crashes In 11 Year

NYC Chopper Business Had 3 Crashes In 11 Year

But it hasn’t told lot on the newest collapse, deferring to fed authorities.

Sen. Cast Schumer of New York has named for the Fed Aircraft Authority to halt Freedom’s licence “before their security recording and the occasion of the newest collapse are completely evaluated,” his office space told.

There’s which we aware on the business’s early two crashes with 2007:

2009: Collapse in else aircraft kills 9 human beings

A full of niner human beings were annihilated, consisting all six on executive board the chopper and three on the individual aircraft.

The FAA told the chopper and little aircraft were connected on various wireless frequencies “or were not aware of every some’s official position.”

Three months following the collapse, the FAA tight monitoring of the air space, dividing cheap-altitude regional plane air transportation above the Hudson Inland, such a as a sightseeing chopper, of air transportation departure via the inland air space, such a as the individual aircraft.

2007: Chopper crashes in Hudson Inland

No one the airman nor the seven passengers were severely injured.

2018: Detailed information come of largest latter collapse

The airman, 33-year-old Richard Vance, has no preliminary crash nor occurrence story in the FAA, agent representative Jim Peters told.

He told the Eurocopter So350 how Vance was flyer had no occurrence story in the FAA.

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